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ChokeCherry Honey Mead

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750ml, Wax Sealed Natural Cork

 A wild cherry that grows prolifically throughout Montana, the Chokecherry got its name because it doesn't sweeten until after a frost. Montanans have used it for years to make their favorite syrup and jelly. This tradition, inspired our winemaker to marry this familiar flavor with local honey wine, and create a true Montana mead wine and the winner of our first gold medal. Serve slightly chilled.

This mead wine is our most award winning honey mead! It has won two gold medals in international wine competitions. This is a prime example of honey mead taking the form of a fine table wine.  This honey wine is not too sweet. It is a good balance of flavors that lends itself well to food pairing. 


2009 - Gold Medal (Tasters Guild International Wine Judging)

2008 - Gold Medal and Best in Region Award (Northwest Wine Summit)

2012 - Silver Medal (Tri-Cities Wine Competition)

2009 - Silver Medal (Tri- Cities Wine Competition)

2007 - Silver Medal (Indy International Wine Competition)

2012 - Bronze Medal (Finger Lakes International Wine Competition)

2008 - Bronze Medal (Finger Lakes International Wine Competition)