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Pure Honey Mead

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750ml, Wax Sealed Natural Cork

 Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead is a tastefully contemporary version of man's oldest Mead. Crafted in the style of a semidry table wine, it captures the flavor of honey without being too sweet. Enjoy it by itself or as a complement to dishes like grilled fish, roast pork, and spicy Asian or Mexican. Made exclusively from pure Montana honey. This honey mead is best served at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Hidden Legend Meadery's Pure Honey Mead is a perfect balance of honey flavor, acidy, and a little bit of oak. This complex honey mead is made using age old wine making techniques substituting honey for grapes to make honey wine. The wildflower honey used to produce this mead wine is a distinct Montana wildflower honey that creates layers of flavor that lend themselves perfectly for food paring. That is what makes this mead wine a contemporary version of man's oldest drink. These flavors are preserved in this raw honey by the careful care that is taken in handling this all natural honey. It has never been cooked and the cold fermentation process preserves the flavors of this delicate wildflower honey. This mead honey wine is finished ensuring the perfect honey flavor without being overly sweet. This honey mead will delight wine and mead wine drinkers alike.


2012 - Silver Medal (Mazer Cup International)

2014 - Bronze Medal (Indy International Wine Competition)

2010 - Bronze Medal (Colorado State Fair)

2009 - Bronze Medal (National Women's Wine Competition)

2008 – Bronze Medals (International Mead Competition, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, The Northwest Wine Summit, The Taster Guild International Wine Tasting)