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Spiced Honey Mead

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750ml, Wax Sealed Natural Cork

 Spiced Honey Mead has a special place in the history of many cultures. The coveted recipes were carefully guarded by honey mead makers who were members of the clergy. Our mead wine maker has taken this festive favorite and created a delightfully modern version that can be heated with a stick of cinnamon, poured over ice, with a sprig of mint, or enjoyed by itself. This honey wine complements turkey or pork, and is best served slightly chilled.

Mulled honey mead, known as metheglin, has been a favorite of kings and queens. Like many meaderies, we have come up with a secret recipe of our own that we believe is worthy of royalty. We know you will enjoy this piece of history as much as people have for thousands of years. 

Hidden Legend Meadery's Spiced honey wine is a semi dry mead wine that goes perfectly with thanksgiving turkey and dressing or can be enjoyed on its own. The decision to buy mead from Hidden Legend Meadery is one you will not regret. This spiced honey wine is designed to be paired with your favorite pork and turkey dishes.


2014 - Gold Medal (Tasters Guild International Wine Judging)

2012 - Silver Medal (Mazer Cup International)

2010 - Bronze Medal (Colorado State Fair, Tri Cities Wine Competition)

2009 - Bronze Medals (National Women's Wine Competition, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition)