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Wild Elderberry Honey Mead

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750ml, Wax Sealed Natural Cork

 This delicious elderberry honey wine has a subtle port-like quality that makes it perfect for sipping and for complementing your favorite chocolate or sharp cheese. Elderberry honey wine was said to be the favorite of Hippocrates (the father of medicine) and the early pioneers of Montana. Best served slightly chilled.

This honey mead has a port like mouth feel that makes it perfect for sipping. This is also a historical blend of honey wine and elderberries that many people throughout history have believed is synonymous with medicine. Hippocrates used honey wine often as medicine and so it is the root word for the practice. We have no idea if he was on to something or not but it is interesting conversation none the less Awards:

2014 - Bronze Medal (Finger Lakes International Wine Competition)

2010 - Bronze Medal (Tri Cities Wine Competition)

2009 - Bronze Medal (Tri Cities Wine Competition)

2008 - Bronze Medal (Taster Guild International Wine Tasting)